CrystalNetwork Diamond CrystalNetwork Diamond

CrystalNetwork Diamond

The conductors on the CrystalNetwork Diamond cable are made of our proprietary silver-gold alloy. Highly effective insulation comes from the high-purity PTFE, while the dual-layer shielding offers ultimate protection from interference. For an optimal signal transfer, the cable also features robust, fully shielded RJ-45 connectors. 

This new network cable protects the dynamic impacts and dramatic contrasts that make music come alive by preserving the most delicate details and textures in your music.

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Technical specifications

Type Network Cable
Conductors Silver-gold alloy
Dielectrics High-purity PTFE
Shielding Dual layer
Jacket Transparent FEP
Available Terminations Fully-shielded RJ-45 connectors (straight or right-angled)